4 Upper-Body Exercises to Steal From Taraji P. Henson’s Workout


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Not solely is Taraji P. Henson a powerhouse on display as Cookie Lyon on the hit Fox collection Empire, however the actress has additionally confirmed to be one within the health club too. Don’t consider us? Just try this video her coach, Mike T. of Force Fitness Inc., shared on Instagram the opposite day. While we're drained simply watching Taraji get her sweat on, the 46-year-old mother appears to simply breeze via this power circuit.

Looking to increase your upper-body power too? Try working your means via the precise strikes that hold Taraji wanting tremendous toned.

Chest Press With Legs Lifted

Lie faceup on a bench, with legs up, knees bent at about 90 levels and ankles crossed. Hold a dumbbell in every hand on both aspect of chest; palms face ahead. Lift each weights, pushing them straight up till arms are absolutely prolonged. Pause for a second, after which decrease again to begin. Continue repeating.

Biceps Curl in Split Stance

Stand with toes staggered, one foot in entrance of the opposite, and knees barely bent. Hold a dumbbell in every hand in entrance of physique; palms face out. Lean ahead barely, bend elbows, and curl dumbbells towards shoulders. Slowly decrease weights again down to begin, after which repeat. Alternate stance with every set.

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Seated Chest Fly

Adjust seat peak on machine in order that handles are at chest peak. Sit tall with toes planted on ground and center and decrease again touching the again of the seat. Maintaining a slight bend in elbows, squeeze the handles, bringing them in towards each other till fingers meet. Pause, after which slowly open arms again out to begin. Continue repeating. 

Single Arm American Kettlebell Swing

Stand with toes barely wider than shoulder-width aside and knees bent right into a half-squat. Grasp kettlebell with one hand so it hangs between (and barely behind) calves. Come up out of squat, letting kettlebell swing till arm is prolonged straight up over head, after which bend at hips and knees to squat again down as the kettlebell swings again between legs. Repeat with reverse arm.




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