8 Things That Can Make You Gain Water Weight


You’ve most likely heard that if you reduce weight quick, it’s often water weight. Or possibly you level fingers at water weight after stepping on the dimensions if you’re feeling completely bloated. But what precisely is water weight–and the way do you eliminate it?

Water weight is when fluid collects in your tissues, inflicting them to swell–and it will probably make you really feel fairly depressing. “Water weight is the place the physique retains fluid that usually would go to the kidneys,” explains Lynn Mack, MD, affiliate professor of inside medication on the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Instead of peeing out that additional fluid, your physique shops it between your organs and pores and skin, she says.

That could be uncomfortable–nevertheless it’s often short-term, and it doesn’t imply you’ve gained precise weight.

Of course, merely figuring out that water weight typically goes away by itself doesn’t make bloating or swelling really feel any higher. So listed here are some recommendations on the best way to each forestall water weight and lose it if it’s already there. 

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Causes of water weight

Salt and carbs. One of the commonest causes of water weight is an excessive amount of salt in your weight-reduction plan. Sodium binds with water and retains it trapped within the physique. “The greater the sodium within the weight-reduction plan, the extra fluid retention an individual could have,” says Dr. Mack.

Carbs also can have an effect on fluid retention, particularly in the event you begin including them again after a interval of limiting them.

“The carbohydrates we don’t use immediately for vitality we retailer as glycogen,” explains Joanna Sheill DiCicco, a registered dietitian at Henry Ford Center for Health Promotion in Detroit. “Glycogen pulls in water, so the extra glycogen we’re storing, the extra water we’re taking in.”

“When we’re on restrictive diets and at first reduce weight shortly, that basically is simply water weight from the lack of saved glycogen from our muscle tissues,” says DiCicco.

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Menstruation. Many ladies retain water weight the week earlier than their interval attributable to fluctuating hormones. Fluid retention might attain its peak the primary day of your precise interval, earlier than subsiding for that cycle.

“With such a fluid retention, the breasts can get actually tender and a few ladies get stomach fullness,” says Dr. Mack.

You may additionally discover swelling in your face, legs, arms, and pubic space within the days main as much as your interval.

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Pregnancy. Pregnancy may cause you to realize water weight, particularly as you get nearer to your due date. You might even see swelling in your palms, toes, or ankles. Hormones are partly accountable, however your rising child additionally places pressure in your blood vessels.

“With being pregnant, you might have an enormous stomach so the [pressure causes] the fluid to exit into the tissues, and it has hassle getting again into the vessels,” says Jennifer Wu, MD, an ob-gyn at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.

If your solely symptom is swelling, it’s most likely regular (though the burden might not all come off the minute you ship your child). If you might have sudden swelling that hurts, you might have developed a blood clot (particularly if the issue is just in a single leg) or a spike in blood strain. Either means, in case you have these signs, get to a health care provider immediately.

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Hormonal contraception. Just like there’s a connection between being pregnant and menstruation and water retention, hormonal contraception also can generally trigger water weight.

Both the estrogen and progestin in contraception drugs could be culprits, says Dr. Mack. Usually the water weight isn’t main and doesn’t final lengthy, Dr. Wu provides, however you might wish to speak to your ob-gyn about different contraception choices.

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Cortisol. Cortisol is greatest often called a “stress hormone,” though it’s really far more than that. It’s concerned in protecting blood sugar ranges steady, balancing metabolism, lowering irritation, and even forming reminiscences.

Water retention on account of elevated cortisol ranges isn’t widespread, however it will probably occur.

“You’d must have a pathophysiologic launch of cortisol for that,” says Dr. Mack. In different phrases, there must be loads of cortisol. “Just being harassed received’t try this.” (Phew.)

Cushing syndrome, as an example, may trigger water retention. This is when tumors on the pituitary or adrenal glands launch an excessive amount of cortisol into the blood. People with low ranges of thyroid hormone (hypothyroidism) can develop swelling round their eyes, says Dr. Mack.

Travel. Sitting for lengthy intervals of time on cross-country flights or prolonged street journeys may cause water retention.

“Your muscle tissues contract actually from sitting for too lengthy,” says Dr. Mack, and your toes and legs might swell in response because the fluid swimming pools there.

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Medications. Certain meds may cause you to retain fluid. These embrace medicine for hypertension like calcium channel blockers, corticosteroids, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine (NSAIDs). Some diabetes medicine, known as thiazolidinediones, additionally do that.

Your physician or pharmacist will be capable to inform you if fluid retention is a aspect impact of any medicines you’re taking and if there are options that may not trigger water weight.

Poor circulation. Our circulatory techniques turn into weaker as we become old, or generally as the results of a extra severe situation like coronary heart failure (which can also be extra widespread as we age), says Elizabeth Kavaler, MD, a urologist with Lenox Hill Hospital.

The valves within the veins of our legs, that are supposed to maintain blood flowing upward to the center, collapse a little bit, so the blood swimming pools within the decrease extremities and causes fluid retention.

“It’s physics," says Dr. Mack. "You simply get extra strain pushing down on these legs.”

How to lose water weight (or a minimum of management it)

Avoid super-salty meals. It’s not a lot the saltshaker in your desk you must fear about, it’s processed meals. These contribute about 75% of our salt consumption, in keeping with the FDA, since many use salt as a preservative.

“All of your processed, packaged meals are going to have extra sodium just because [the manufacturers] need them to remain on the shelf longer,” says DiCicco.

Cook from scratch when you’ll be able to, utilizing non-processed gadgets like contemporary vegatables and fruits. If you do want a packaged merchandise, learn the label and examine sodium content material throughout comparable merchandise.

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Drink MORE water. You may suppose that placing extra water into your physique simply provides extra water weight. In truth, the other is true. If your physique feels starved for water, it would maintain on to no matter water it has.

If you’re retaining water, ensure you're getting loads of H2O, particularly in the event you’re additionally consuming salty meals.

It may additionally assist to restrict tea, espresso, and alcohol, all of which could be dehydrating. Cranberry juice, alternatively, has a slight diuretic impact and will assist flush out some extra water.

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Exercise frequently. Physical exercise is essential to dropping water weight. Not solely will you be sweating out some fluid, however you'll additionally get thirsty and wish to drink extra water, says DiCicco.

Moving round also can assist lower puffiness. If you’re driving lengthy distances, cease the automobile at common intervals so you will get out and stretch your legs. Walk round when you’ll be able to on planes, buses, or trains, and do easy workouts together with your toes and legs whereas seated.

Regular train can also be essential in the event you’re pregnant (though resting together with your toes up is sensible as effectively).

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Eat hydrating meals. This is sort of pretty much as good as consuming water. “Foods which have a excessive water content material assist with growing one’s total hydration,” says DiCicco. Taking in additional fluids–even within the type of hydrating meals–will in the end assist your physique excrete water, she says.

Watermelon, spinach, strawberries, and cantaloupe, amongst different fruits and veggies, all have lots of water.

Eating potassium-rich meals like tomatoes and candy potatoes (and most vegatables and fruits) also can assist you eliminate extra salt, says DiCicco.



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