Fit at Any Age: The 50s Plan


You know what occurs subsequent: Menopause enters the image and often sticks round for at least 4 to 5 years. Thanks to hormonal modifications, fats is more likely to migrate out of your hips and thighs to your tummy—and youre left with the dreaded “flat-butt syndrome.”

This midlife morph isnt nearly seems: If your waist-to-hip ratio tops zero.85 (divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement), you even have the next danger of coronary heart illness. Whats extra, with out train, says Columbia University professor of medical medication Marianne Legato, you possibly can lose as much as two-thirds of your muscle. Plus, that is when your pores and skin begins to sag as muscle decreases, particularly round locations like your higher arms and knees. No doubt about it: Its time to get transferring!

Cardio routine
This 50-minute weight-bearing routine helps construct and protect each bone and muscle, and retains your coronary heart wholesome. Plus, the weights up your calorie burn.

Do it four instances per week, carrying 1- to Three-pound dumbbells throughout all the stroll.

1. Walk briskly for four minutes to heat up.

2. Slow your tempo and do 1 minute of Overhead Presses: Bend arms and lift elbows out to facet to shoulder top. Straighten arms, carry ends of weights collectively overhead, then decrease them.

Three. Walk briskly for four minutes.

four. Slow your tempo and do 1 minute of Biceps Curls: Start with arms down by sides, palms dealing with ahead. Curl weights as much as shoulders.

5. Walk briskly for four minutes.

6. Slow your tempo and do 1 minute of Triceps Extensions: Start with arms down by sides. Bend elbows again previous waist, fingers in entrance of hip bones. With elbows nonetheless, straighten arms; press weights again.

7. Walk briskly for four minutes.

Eight. Repeat steps 2 by way of 7 two extra instances. During the final four minutes of the exercise, progressively sluggish your tempo to chill down.

Strength Training

This 15-minute routine helps construct and preserve bone and muscle, and will increase your metabolism. Do it 2–Three instances per week. Use 5- to Eight-pound dumbbells, then enhance to eight–10 kilos as you get stronger. Rest for 1 minute between strikes.

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